About the Author

AuthorKhash Tonekaboni, who writes under the pen name, Terry Pinaud was born in a conservative country, rich in history and tradition. Born into a progressive family with a great pride for the nation’s history, he experienced both the freedom intellectual approach provides and the limitations tradition can impose.

He traveled to the United States for the purpose of higher education and found that, in many ways, he always belonged here. He graduated from Indiana University and Memphis College of Optometry and now, he is an award winning professor in optometric medicine at Indiana University.

However, even as a child, he was fascinated by fiction. Dumas, Twain, Hugo, Dostoevsky were his constant companions as he was being groomed for a life in the sciences. Inspired by his love for fiction, he wrote his first short story at the age of eleven, and his first novel before he was eighteen.

The love for writing and story-telling, combined with his belief in promoting diversity, has been the fodder for many of his current novels and many more to come. In his stories he tries to pit the narrow-minded against the compassionately pragmatic, the blindly fervent against the proponents of diversity.

His stories range from the mystery and mystical to the historical through which, he hopes to add a voice to equality and tolerance while entertaining his readers.

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