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New Novel Available on Amazon & Kindle “Chaos: Where Do You Go When You Run From Yourself?”

Widowed by war, gay scientist confronts tragedy in novel of love, hate

After losing his partner, Mo Alavi faces a group bent on eliminating homosexuality in Terry
Pinaud’s “Chaos: Where Do You Go When You Run From Yourself?”

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Terry Pinaud warns that “Chaos: Where Do You Go When You Run From Yourself?” (ISBN 1475072791) is not for the faint of heart. A story of love and hate, readers follow Mohammed “Mo” Alavi, a transplanted Iranian research doctor in America, not long after he loses his partner Aden Birch, who was in Iraq fighting in Operation Desert Storm. Against his better judgment, Mo has accepted a position at Cook County General in Chicago. The organization is headed up by Dr. Steven Wong, a nationally renowned virologist who has a secret agenda to eliminate homosexuality.

A war widow, an immigrant and now a doctor working for a man who thinks his sexuality is an abomination, Mo begins to lose his mind. The collusion of tragic events has pushed him to the brink of insanity. He can no longer differentiate dreams and memories from his physical reality. There are times when Mo can’t figure out if he is in a bar in Chicago or if he’s somehow in Louisville where he met Aden. The lines even begin to blur when it comes to his character. Is he a healer or a killer?.

In despair, Mo turns to Jack Finch, a Chicago police detective. But everyone’s help comes with a price and agenda of its own, and his relationship with Jack is no different. Jack has a back story that Mo must confront, if he is to survive his own terrifying ordeal. As Dr. Wong’s organization heats up its campaign to terrorize those it deems unworthy, the novel builds to a blistering conclusion.

“Chaos” is a brave and daring novel that doesn’t shy away from controversy, with its frank dialogue and explicit sex scenes. Powerful, blunt and convincing, the novel’s dark events illustrate the raw reality of people consumed by their fears and passions.

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